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by Koushik on January 13, 2013 32 Comments

Anne’s story was no different from the quite a few other people combating the unsightly signs of aging. Crow’s feet, puffiness below the eyes, deep creases and wrinkles, shadowy rings and dull sagging skin had grow to be the most significant botheration of her life. The philosophical lines she had read in novels and poems - “Physical beauty withers away with time” kept ringing in her head. But, she was not going to enable these ugly wrinkles and bags to mask her real beauty so easily.

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Her first believed went for the ever-popular Botox. She was pretty impressed using the unbelievable final results it achieved. On the other hand, the price and the side- effects discouraged her from opting for it. The following viable alternative was of course topical applications. She began her look for creams that would provide unbelievable anti-aging rewards in a ...

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